25 Amazing DIY Lighting Ideas for Bedroom Teen Girl

Girls, have you ever opened the door of your bedroom and feel like it’s so dull? Don’t you feel like your excitement suddenly goes down? Then, probably, you just wanna escape right away. We know that for you, the bedroom is more than a sleeping place. You wanna own a bedroom that represents your personality—not to mention as a place to hang out too.

25 Awesome DIY Snowflakes for Valentine’s day

Whether it’s for your couple, family or friends, Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to show your love to them. One of the great ways to make it happen is by decorating your space with Valentine’s vibe. But, do you know that Valentine is not always about Love symbol? Let’s make a gorgeous valentine’s decor with snowflakes!

25 Brilliant DIY Classroom Decoration Ideas to Give You Inspiration

Are you ready to go back to school? If you are a teacher who wants the best decorating classroom that your students will love, then you have to get ready for a colorful classroom display. Besides the good effect of lifting the mood of the student, it can also function as something practical. Having a colorful classroom gives kids some great motivation to study.

25 Simple DIY Ideas for Modern Kitchen Cabinet

The function of a kitchen in your home is far different than those of your mother and grandmother. Their kitchen was a little old world and country, with roosters and apples galore. Even though they have diverse elements, they certainly had a more rustic feel, right? Honestly, cabinetry in traditional kitchens was often framed or flush inset.

25 Cute DIY Pom Pom Wreaths for Winter

Winter is in the air! You have finished decorating every indoor and outdoor spaces of your home with winter-appropriate decorations. Honestly, there is something you still can do to add more winter spirit to your home. That one thing is winter wreath which you can hang it on your door your above your fireplace.

25 Fantastic DIY Wood Ideas for Home Decoration

Get bored with your current house’s look and vibe? We are sure you can’t wait to start re-decorating your home sweet home. How about making the decoration by yourself? Doing a DIY will be so much fun. This time, we will invite you to make some fantastic DIY out of wood.

25 Awesome Farmhouse DIY Table Decors for Christmas

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner! And as we know, Christmas is about celebrating all the joy with our friends and family. Every year friends and families gather around for Christmas dinner. That’s why we need to make our table more merry and bright! But how do you do that, right?

25 Genius DIY Primitive Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments

Christmas is only a few days away. Do you need some new fresh ideas for celebrating Christmas this year? Sit back and relax because we’ve got you covered! This year, you can be a crafter that’ll enjoy creating cozy scrap fabric tree ornaments to gift or keep this holiday season.

25 Brilliant DIY Paper Ornament Card Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is such a special day among people to enjoy the holiday season with joy. It also becomes the best moment for an extended family gathering. In welcoming Christmas there are many things that need to be prepared, such as the outfits, decorations, dishes, gifts, ornaments, and Christmas greeting cards. All you have to prepare for now so that the celebration of Christmas will be very nice.