8 Beautiful House Facade Ideas to Give You Inspiration

The facade is usually popular in French, now it’s also known in another place. This is an important part of a house that need to beautify. It is because the facade will be the first part that gives an impression to everyone who comes to the house. To make it looks beautiful at first sight, there are several things you can do. Let’s check the beautiful house facade ideas in the following.

1. Minimalist House Facades with Glass Wall

The combination of the wooden pallet with a glass wall creates a very nice facade. Moreover, it allows the sunlight to illuminate the house during the day. For an elegant look, you can choose dark grey and beige shade for the wall and balcony. As the complement, just place some palm plants to embellish the facade.


2. Modern House with Wooden Pallet Lines

This idea is similar to the previous one, which is a combination of wooden pallet lines with a glass wall. The difference is the position of the pallet and shade. Still, it looks match to combine natural stone with ivory white and brown. Then, install LED light to make the facade view more beautiful.


3. Neo-Classical House Facade

Different from the classic house facades, Neo-classical house facades tend to be minimal in decoration. It has a characteristic of round and elongated house poles. The symmetrical and elongated shape of the building. It does not use a mix of shade colors, so the Neo-classic house facade looks neat and clean.


4. Farmhouse Facade

The farmhouse house facade is such a unique and timeless design. This is typical of buildings with large square window frames and bright glass. The yard with the surrounding of green scenery. So, this farmhouse facade can give a soothing sight when you see it.


5. Contemporary House Facade

A natural atmosphere you can get in this hallmark contemporary facade house. Shady with a variety of plants that adorn most of the house. The house facade is very suitable as a residence in the middle of a busy city but wants to still feel the cool natural atmosphere.


6. Rustic House Facade

A combination of the wooden pallets with glass and concrete walls characterizes the rustic house facade. Spacious yard with green grass look so fresh and natural. Asymmetrical building architecture and has many angles to create its own uniqueness. This house facade idea is nice to apply, huh?!


7. Classical House Facade

A classical house facade has a distinctive character with classical decorative lighting and carvings on the door of the house. A house with a facade that protrudes forward is its characteristic to create a magnificent impression. Then, the balcony with the fence really supports the beautiful facade.


8. Shabby Chic House Facade

The cute and sweet impression is the first thing you can get from this shabby chic house facade. Overall, it has a bright and bold shade of paint color. It creates a warm feel and cheerful impression. At last, some flower plants will definitely complement this facade beauty.


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