8 Modern Farmhouse Touch Ideas to Beautify the Spring Outdoor Kitchen

If you have a beautiful outdoor area for simply relaxing and hang out with friends, let’s bring it to the next level. Get yourself a gorgeous outdoor kitchen! This spring, you can enjoy the season while cooking your favorite meals at the backyard. And then, to make your outdoor kitchen look prettier, beautify it with a modern farmhouse touch. You will definitely love these design ideas!

1. Cozy Grey Touch Kitchen

A minimalist outdoor kitchen in a grey color touch provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. With wooden ceiling and logwood pillars as the farmhouse touch. This space offers everything such as a barbecue grilling, plenty storages, elegant Adirondack chairs, and slice wood coffee tables. A perfect spot for lounging with family and friends.


2. Shabby Chic Wooden Kitchen

A pretty farmhouse outdoor kitchen with shabby chic wooden cabinets and long island stack wall. Perfect kitchen with a big green egg ceramic grill, stainless steel sink, and plenty storages. It has casual barstools with cozy white cushions along the countertop. It decorated nicely by two industrial chandeliers.


3. The Rustic Vibes

The farmhouse kitchen with rustic vibes is the prettiest! Placed in the middle of your backyard, it makes use of reclaimed wood as the grilling counter and found items for decoration. It also comes with colorful kitchen cabinets and two dining chairs.


4. The Festive Farmhouse Kitchen

A festive kitchen with a modern farmhouse vibe. It owned a pretty barbecue grill stove in mocha color and flanked by stones wall. The cabinets are made out of wood with a natural finish. It doesn’t have a wall but instead has a stainless steel rail with a lamp in each post.


5. Kitchen Under the Pergola

A beautiful backyard with pergola will be even beautiful if you install a kitchen set under it. Provide a whole new experience of cooking while enjoying the garden. Meanwhile, the other can have a nice conversation without neglecting the chef under the shade of the patio umbrella.


6. The Framed Kitchen

A full stainless steel kitchen gets the modern farmhouse touch from the wooden frames. It is such a minimalist decoration yet beautifully stands in front of the counters. Give a completely novel view for the one who cooks behind it. Finally, it completed with industrial wall lamps on each frame.


7. The Marble Wall Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen will definitely look marvelous with a marble stone wall. It presents the farmhouse face but looking all shiny and clean. The marble wall combined with a wooden deck patio floor makes the kitchen more inviting. At the corner, it has a super petite bar together with pretty leather stools.


8. Stone Wall Kitchen

A gorgeous outdoor kitchen with a touch of white-stone-wall. In the wall, there is a traditional coral fire oven to make some pizzas. The cabinets and island are made out of teak with natural finished and covered by white marble on top. For the focal decoration, there are two big barn chandeliers hang prettily above the island.


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