8 Breathtaking Scandinavian Window Design and Decor Ideas for Your Exterior Home

Nowadays, the Scandinavian style in home decorations has become more and more popular. It’s not a wonder at all since it’s modern and stunning and can really enhance the appearance of your house. If you’re looking for some inspiration on Scandinavian window design and decor ideas for your houses, you’re in the right place! Here we’ve handpicked some of the best examples for you. Go take a look!

1. Huge Scandinavian Modern White Sliding Window

If you’re looking for a big window that’s not too overwhelming, this might be the perfect choice for you. This modern window design is subtle enough but still gives you that Scandinavian vibe you’re going for. You can even open them all the way to give your house the fresh outdoor. We recommend installing these kinds of windows in your living room.


2. Tall Industrial Windows For Scandinavian House

Scandinavian houses are known for their big windows in the living room. There’s a good reason for it though! Big windows make your home looks so much spacious and cozier. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered and cramped house, anyway. So, opt for these gorgeous panel windows and watch your home transfers into something magical!


3. Modern French Ceiling Glass Window

What’s better than big windows are ceiling windows – especially ones you can open. Ceiling windows give you a variety in your homes. With its modern vibe, this kind of vibe may be perfect to put in your living room area. When rain and snowfalls, you’ll be able to see everything from inside your house!


4. Big Black Glass Panel Window For Dining Room

If you’re looking for a window design for your downstairs kitchen area, this one is worth to check out. Standing tall from the ground up, this window is perfect for a small area as it gives you more space to look at. Combined with hanging industrial lights, this window design really brings out the Scandinavian feel to the house!


5. Large Floor to Ceiling Kitchen And Dining Room Windows

Feeling cramped in your current kitchen and dining room area? Then, this next idea is for you. Combining tall and small windows, these glass windows make the rooms appear more spacious and larger. Despite looking kind of old, these windows can still stand next to modern furniture just fine. What’s more, you get to dine with a view too!


6. Modern Reading Nook Window Corner

Who doesn’t love a reading corner with a big window looking out to the outside? For readers, this window is probably something really special. They get to do something they really love while still being able to enjoy the outdoor vibe within the comfort of their own bedroom. If you’re into it, you can even build one that can be opened.


7. Stunning Scandinavian Glass Windows With Backyard View

If you’re looking for a window divider for your backyard area and your kitchen, these stunning windows are definitely worth to check out. As they’re made with glass separated with squared panels, they make the space looks so much spacious. They look really lovely too! Your outdoor gathering space will be so much prettier.


8. Gorgeous Tall And Black Industrial Window Panels

If you have a house with high walls, these industrial windows are perfect for you. With its modern and sleek design, you can put these windows up in any room of the house. We recommend putting them in a living room, though. That way, people can see the gorgeous panels from outside!


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