8 Gorgeous Modern Bathroom Wall Color Ideas to Look Glamorous

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re looking for bathroom wall color recommendations. Look no further! We know how hard it is to decide the perfect style for your bathroom, especially since remodeling is gonna take a lot of time and effort. That’s why we’ve handpicked these collection of modern bathroom wall color to guide you through the process. Read on and have fun!

1. Deep Blue Pastel Bathroom Wall Color

This deep blue colored wall is perfect for a modern bathroom with a touch of rustic. With its deep and tan color that creates a two-dimensional vibe to it, this wall color would be a great complement to classy furniture in the color of white. Combined with the wooden rustic floor, this wall color idea is perfect for those who enjoy the best of both worlds!


2. Bone White Bathroom Color With a Hint Of Black

The modern black and white bathroom with double sinks and mirrors. With its semi-glossy finish, this bathroom design is perfect for those who want a touch of shine in their homes. Combining stripe backlash for the wallpaper and old wooden plank, this elegant bathroom style is ready to rock and enhance your house!


3. Glamorous White Marble Finish For Your Bathroom

Combining a walk-in shower and a bathtub, this bathroom design looks gorgeous thanks to its marble finish. Despite being a small bathroom, the shiny granite touch makes the bathroom looks so much wider. If you have limited space in your bathroom and you want something modern, this one definitely is for you.


4. Tiny Backsplash Tiles Bathroom Wall Idea

If you’re someone who likes to stand out, we can guarantee that you’re gonna love this next idea. With its tiny back-splash tiles, these unique bathroom tiles is for you. Combining stick-like tiny tiles, it seems like the designer is going for a natural stone look, also proven by the black marble sink.


5. Luxurious Brick Bathroom Wall Idea

Despite having different colors, this modern bathroom looks gorgeous with its glossy finish. The shiny finish is also what makes it looks glamorous and modern. Most of the time, bricks look rough on the edges and are also associated with old things. But the designer of this bathroom has managed to make bricks look like something so sophisticated and modern!


6. Soft Green Bathroom Wall Color Idea


This next idea is perfect for those who want a subtle and calm color for their bathroom. Without too much of modernity, this bathroom still looks sophisticated in its own way. Besides, the combination of green pastel colors in both the wall and furniture blending in with the granite floor tiles are simply remarkable.

7. Fun Two Tones Bathroom Wall Color Ideas

Feeling bored of the plain one-colored bathroom wall? Well, sounds like you’re in need of change. What about two colored bathroom wall? With its industrial finish, this bathroom might be the one you’re looking for. Combine two different patterns and colors into one, separate it with a nice clean line, and you’re all set! You can even add framed pictures for the finishing touch.


8. Sophisticated Bathroom Wall Design With Unique Pattern

If you ever want to add that fresh ocean feel to your bathroom, you’re looking at the right picture. With its aqua scalloped tiles, this bathroom gives you the calmness look of ocean that you desperately want. What’s more, you can pair it with any furniture you want as the design is subtle enough not to cause a crash. What more do you want, right?


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